Solve Puzzles and Survive in the Killer Escape Games Trilogy

When you are captured and trapped by a psychotic killer, what are you going to do? Killer Escape games takes you into the traditional escape room genre and then adds in the element of an actual hostile force that is out to get you. It is creepy, scary, and certainly adds a sense of challenge to the various puzzles that you have to solve. Veterans of the genre will find the game’s puzzles to be a little on the middle scale in terms of cleverness or difficulty, but first time players of the genre will surely enjoy the experience.

What are the Killer Escape Games?

Killer Escape Games

Killer Escape is a series of browser based escape games. For those of you who have never played any game like this, an escape game is a point and click style game that has you, the player inside a locked room and the goal of the game is to escape this locked room. To escape, the player will usually have to solve a series of puzzles that range from memorization challenges, to cleverly putting certain items together in order to gain a new functionality, discovering hidden items on the game screen, and more.

Killer Escape follows pretty much the same formula, you are in a room then you must escape –except that this time, you are also in danger from a hostile threat (story-wise anyway). The whole premise of each game is that you are in a facility, or a place that is larger than a room but just the same, you still have to escape. The maps are divided into smaller rooms and there is a bit of backpedaling involved as you can unlock new stuff in a room after clearing out a mystery in a different room.

Meet the Killers

Killer Escape Games

Since it would be a total spoiler to reveal the bad guys that appear, here’s the quick lowdown on what awaits you at each game. In the first game, you wake up in some weird prison facility that seems to be designed more towards driving everyone insane instead of detaining actual prisoners. The odd messages written in the walls, the almost-depraved state of the facility lends itself heavily to the game’s environment. Lastly, the mysterious mask-wearing killer of this first game is just frightfully dangerous.

The second game will have you inside a very creepy clinic, and the evil killer dentist is just aiming to get you seated on the operating chair. The map is a lot less cluttered and there is a semblance of order and pattern to the facility, but it still feels very macabre with the dark lighting and the bloody floors and walls.

Lastly, in the third game, the player is started off with the now familiar blood and guts all over the walls look. But this is quickly taken away as the game suddenly flips you over and sends you into a hyper-sanitized all white environment that feels paranoia inducing and has that very out-of-this world vibe. Worst of all, you also get to meet distinctly unique killers that are leagues apart from the ones you faced in the first two games.

Click-a-thon Puzzles

Killer Escape Games

As different and as fun as the Killer Escape games are compared to more traditionl escape games like the more primitive ones here and elaborate ones here , their biggest weakness is their key gameplay mechanic: the puzzles. There are a few clever ones (like one or two in each game), but for the rest of the time, you are simply blindly clicking on pretty much every area hoping to get a new item or trigger the reveal of a hidden panel or area. This, in many ways, makes the game feel a little generic in terms of giving you puzzles. The good thing is, there is an underlying narrative that pretty much distracts you all throughout the game.

Good Afternoon Fun

If you have the time to kill, then this three part browser game is definitely a good idea to pass the time away. Finishing each of the games is satisfying, and the third game does an excellent job of tying it all together (though some players may feel alienated by the direction of the third game). Bottom line, the Killer Escape Games are really fun and enjoyable –especially if you are looking for an experience that delivers on the scare factor.