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  • The Drowning

    The Drowning

    The Drowning is a bit of a semi-paradoxial game. It is F2P, riddled with all those premium money grabs, and is chock full of the usual problems that plague almost any other F2P apps. At the same time, it is an FPS title that actually has a decent control system -something that you would not expect from a mobile game that makes use of touch screen controls (something that most FPS mobile games cannot quite seem to get), and it is quite fun to play. If you have been on the fence about jumping into the Drowning's weird monster-filled challenges, read our review to help make a decision.

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  • Resident Evil Degeneration

    Resident Evil Degeneration

    This mobile game tie-in to the Resident Evil Degeneration CG movie brings RE players to the mobile to control Leon Kennedy -fresh from his stint in RE4 and into an airport full of zombies. Oh, there is also a VIP somewhere that you need to rescue, and of course, those mutated BOWs that are more than your typical slow and shambling zombies. The game also brings players back to the old tank style controls and further dials it back with an awkward aiming system. This game is definitely designed for fans of the games, but if you have no love for the Resident Evil franchise, this game is not for you.

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  • Resident Evil Degeneration 2

    Resident Evil Degeneration 2

    Claire Redfield seriously needs a special Degeneration game mode dedicated to her for the mobile phone. Sure, Resident Evil: Degeneration is fun enough as it is with Leon Kennedy. But sometimes, bashing zombies is more fun when you are not playing a dude with always-perfect hair (seriously, did he inject some Umbrella virus formula into his shampoo?). Anyway, a Claire mode would be great since she practically has her own storyline in the movie. Sure, she meets up with Leon on several points in the movie, but for the most part, she does well on her own. So it would certainly be interesting what Chris’ little sister has been up to.

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