Rebuild 2 is a Post Apocalyptic Game That has an Actual Direction

What does it take to bring back human society after the world has been overrun by zombies? Military control that assures safety for all? A cure that finally ends the danger of the zombies? The establishment of an actual government that people can believe in? It can be one or the other, or maybe even the combination of all three. Regardless of which path you may eventually decide, this is the main direction that Rebuild 2 wants to head towards. More than just having a good supply of food, water, medicines, ammunition, and zombie heads to pop, this game is more about rebuilding what was lost.

Rebuild 2 Review

What is Rebuild 2?

This game is a free to play game that puts you in charge of a small group of zombie apocalypse survivors and their meager territory in the middle of a city. The territory is just a couple of so blocks of land –enough for some shelter, and maybe a bit of space to farm for food. Your goal is to make life not only better, but something akin to the world before the zombies. In order to do so, you must make use of the resources made available to you: weapons, time, and of course, the lives of the other survivors in your camp.

Players must strategically make use of the survivors in order to defend the base, farm for food, build structures, scout and explore and scavenge new areas, seek out other survivors, and more. It is played out from a top view isometric perspective over the whole town with little icons signifying what the various city blocks contain, as well as how many survivors are in each area and what they are doing.

How to Play the Game

Assigning your personnel is a matter of knowing what they can do, understanding what your city needs, and gauging how much danger is out there. Assigning people to work inside your ever growing compound is risk free, but you will need to send scouts to check out unoccupied blocks, send entire groups to clear out zombies, and then send well-spoken individuals to talk to other survivors in order to get them to join you. Once you have cleared blocks of zombies and scavenged the materials they may have, you can add them to your city.

Rebuild 2 Review

Expanding is one thing, but you must also manage what you already have. Blocks often have some structure that you must repurpose for your needs. Some areas are good enough as they are –like hospitals (treats the injured), bars (increases morale) and houses (for housing). But some, like empty buildings and gas stations, can be modified to provide functionality that is suited to your needs.

The blocks are not the only thing you manage, your survivors have lives of their own too, and they relate differently to each other. If you stick together two survivors who hate each other, they are likely to get into a fight and get sent to the sickbay. On the other hand, survivors who have a great relationship may end up becoming romantic with one another –and possibly expanding your population with a baby. Aside from that, they also have skills and abilities that make them suited for certain jobs better than others.

The End Game

The real meat of Rebuild 2 comes when you reach the end game stages. By this point your controlled blocks will be plenty, you have good resources, and you have a dedicated team of fighters ready to attack or defend according to the situation. At this point you will start interacting with other survivor groups –you can either ally with them or go against them, the decision is up to you. But with one of the game’s ending possibilities being triggered by total control of all blocks, becoming an aggressor and conquering every city block is always an option. You can also fight your way to the old city hall and use it to establish a new government. Or, if you have the resources and facilities for it, begin and finish the extra-long research that will unlock the cure for the zombies. You can try unlocking just one or all three ending requirements in one go, and each has its own share of challenges and are equally satisfying to accomplish.

Think and Play

Rebuild 2 is a thinking person’s game, so if you wanted some run and gun action with zombies, try something else. But for those of you who can appreciate the difficulty of the logistics of running a zombie apocalypse city, this game is for you. There are internal disputes and external dangers. Refugees who will knock on your doors and asking to join. Deserters from other groups will seek your protection. And of course, large zombie hordes will want to crash your party whenever they can. It is fun, and at times, a very hurried venture as you must juggle several important tasks at once while having so very little resources. It is challenging and exciting, which is exactly the kind of experience we want in a game.