Resident Evil: Revelation 2 Fills in the Gaps Between RE5 and RE6

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is told in a very unique and interesting storytelling method: the sequences are not chronologically ordered. Players alternate between two major scenarios, Claire Redfield's escape from an island, and Barry Burton's exploration of the site months later. It is a very unique way to tell a story and an even more dynamic shift from RE6's constantly moving perspectives (and was also very amazing to play through). The end result is an horror adventure that balances great action with emotional depth. And yes, it is very awesome to see Barry back in action once again.

What is Resident Evil: Revelations 2?

The RE revelations series was created to fill in bits and pieces of the gaps between the major iterations of the game. As such, many consider the Revelations series as part of the main numbered storyline (the first one before RE5, this one before RE6). The game follows the new third person, over the shoulder exploration and combat scheme introduced in RE4 and polished in 5 and 6. For characters, players alternate between the pairs of Clair Redfield and Moira Burton, and Barry Burton and Natalia. Moira and Natalia are new characters, though Moira has already been mentioned in previous RE stories as Barry's daughter.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

And for those of you who have pretty much no idea what Resident Evil is about, it is a zombie game. Specifically, a game where the zombies are actually created by weaponized viruses developed by a sinister organization. Throughout the series, the various protagonists have been fighting against the zombie threat and the organization(s) behind it.

Episodic Delivery

One unique thing about Revelations 2 is that it was first released in 4 separate episodes. This was a pretty unique approach by Capcom for the series though the episodic structure has long worked for other games –most notably releases from Tell Tale Games. Did it work for Revelations 2? In some way, yes, the game managed to receive decent reviews on a per-episode basis. But overall, most players opted to wait until a full compilation was available.

Stunningly Good Visuals

It is not surprising that the visuals for Revelations 2 looks incredible. This is pretty much the first main Resident Evil game to make it to the current generation of consoles. The animations are incredibly smooth –each character would move and act in a way that is unique to their personality. Barry's movements are easily those of a grizzled veteran fighter, Moira moves with a bit of uncertainty, Natalie is surprising decisive in her actions, but her movements are also reflective of her tiny frame. The same applies to the various zombies and monsters that you will encounter on the island.

Beyond the Main Story

Without a doubt, Barry's quest to find Moira and Claire makes for a compelling mystery, and watching events of the past unfold through Claire's storyline makes for some epic reveals. But the game is more than just the 4 episodes put together. It also offers an extra Raid Mode where players take on a variety of combat challenges that adds a lot of spice into the game. You will need to practice and hone your fighting skills here as players will be faced with a lot of tough opponents. The best part is that it can be played in cooperative mode –allowing you and a friend to take down zombies together.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

Great Game, Little Exposure

One of the biggest problems with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the simple fact that it is not RE7 and nor does it live up to the standard of many other new survival horror games you can find at A new resident evil game that focuses more of it's efforts on the older style of game (and what essentially made the franchise what it is today) is what most fans of the series have been long awaiting (and they will wait a little more too, the most recent announcement by Capcom is Umbrella Corps, which is an online shooter). That said, Revelations 2 is a great game on its own. The story is nothing short of amazing –the way that the narrative unfolds through the parallelisms of Claire and Barry's playthrough is cleverly executed. The music feels haunting and inspired. And visuals are outright stunning with its great attention to detail. Sadly the core storyline is a little too short for today's standards of super-long gameplay content for AAA titles, which is a shame since only solid fans of the series will truly enjoy this.